Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Families form advocacy group for Kansans with developmental disabilities

InterHab, together with families of Kansans with developmental disabilities, recently formed a new advocacy group.

The new lobbying group, Advocates for Invisible Kansans, intends to expose lawmakers to a slice of the lives of Kansans with developmental disabilities and their families.

Matt Fletcher, associate director of InterHab, shows the
poster for the new Advocates for Invisible Kansans campaign.
Advocates for Kansans with Developmental Disabilities & InterHab were at the Statehouse last week talking to legislators about their top three priorities.

The advocacy group wants to ward off budget cuts to the state's I/DD system, raise the reimbursement rates for service providers and reaffirm 1995 state legislation that gave local service providers oversight over the system.

"I think a lot of the people in government are kind of insulation," said Connie Warkins with Advocates for Invisible Kansans. "If they could actually see of live with someone it might make a difference."

Read the entire KHI News article here.

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