Monday, June 2, 2014

KanCare inspector general faces scrutiny

Kansas legislators with oversight of Kansas’ privatized Medicaid system called for special scrutiny of the person hired by the state to identify fraud in the $3 billion-a-year health care network.

Phil Hermanson was recently appointed as inspector general by the secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Hermanson previously worked in commercial real estate and has a background that includes a business backruptcy, personal financial problems, DUI conviction and campaign finance violations. 

Hermanson has no college degree or career experience in insurance, legal, accounting, health care, or law enforcement fields applicable to examining conduct of clients and service providers interacting with insurance companies.

“With an active FBI investigation into KanCare financial arrangements ongoing, it would have made more sense to hire an inspector general with appropriate academic and career credentials, in addition to a personal history that was above reproach,” Sen. Laura Kelly of the KanCare committee said to the Topeka Capital Journal. Read More…

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