Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contact your KS Representatives today and urge support of SB 210!!!

Monday's 39-0 vote in the Senate was a big step forward for SB 210.  However, the biggest advocacy work still remains.  We have to build momentum within the House of Representatives for consideration and passage of the bill.  Equally important, we must continue to convey the purpose of the provider assessment and strongly discourage any amending of the bill that would weaken it or change the destination of additional funds potentially realized through the bill.

Kick your advocacy efforts into high gear today!  Hold letter/postcard/email writing events this week.  Distribute information to staff, consumers, families and stakeholders in your communities.  Cast the widest possible net of potential advocates to help send a message to the Kansas House of Representatives to support passage of SB 210. 

We have modified the automated email message on the Invisible Kansans website to be focused solely on the Kansas House of Representatives.   Utilize the Invisible Kansans email system as one of your tools in your advocacy outreach regarding SB 210.

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