Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reviewing Power Up! 2015

Another year,  another conference. We really do think it was the best conference yet, and so did many of you!

Thank you for all who attended and participated in the many interactive sessions. Thank you to the great speakers who took the time to share the material. Thank you to the vendors and sponsors and advertisers who helped create the many networking and learning opportunities by contributing funds.

Thank you to our emerging leader group and those who jumped in to serve as facilitators:
Sherry Biddle, Tim Wood, Chris Gafford, Lexi Harper, James Quillen, Carri McMahon, Alice Lackey, Bailey Stiggins, James Brown, Liz Lewis, Christy Downing, Patrick Butler, Dave Hager, Brooke Roy, Dave Murphy, Sarah Schlitter, Dan Hermreck, Elizabeth Lewis, Jessica Wolford

We thought we’d take some time and share some of our post-conference survey results and respond to a few comments. Watch for these over the next few weeks. And thanks to you for making PowerUp! 2015 the best. conference.ever.

What did you like best? The networking. INFORMATION CAFÉ… Excellent Idea!!
What did you like least? The Idea Café was a bit of a fail. Needed more facilitation.

As with anything, you can’t please everyone. We did have great response to the concept of the Idea Café and hope to carry it forward into next year.  Networking is not everyone’s jam – that’s for sure. One of those things where you either love it – or you hate it. That’s why we did keep sessions running during this time so attendees would have options.

As for coffee, introverts rest easy. Next year we will add some additional room hosts and the options of more structure for those who aren’t interested in open chatting in the café setting.

One suggestion was to: Keep the idea café running all day one day. Giving all a chance to participate and network.  Someone else suggested the following as an option: Perhaps a “diary room” where you can record thoughts, observations or encouragement and those short videos can be available on YouTube or shown at various times during the conference… continue the use of technology!

And since you mentioned technology…
We had several comments from those who felt the conference had a “hipper” feel this year. We had a much larger social media presence than ever before and reached many new people through these efforts. New additions included the selfie-contest, the games throughout conference, the magazine feel of the program, food trucks and the launch and use of our InterHab App. In fact, 75% of attendees rated the App as Excellent! However, we did have this comment: Missed understanding the App component… better inclusion of that info to less talented tech users.  

About those food trucks… Many picked this as one of their favorite things about the conference but here’s what one had to say: I would like to try the food trucks again, but figure out a way to get the food faster. Would have been fun to sit around and visit but spent most of the time in line. 86% rated the Game Night and Food Trucks Good-Excellent.

And with that, we’ll leave you with one last comment:
It was my first time and I there so many great arrangements then expected. First the location was perfect. The InterHab app was very impressive and let me know where, what session and great updates. Also after attending the session it was great to know that I had sources to refer too especially for the session that I enjoyed and can and will apply at work and in my personal life.

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