Monday, June 3, 2013

Legislators adopt budget: carve-out not included

The story is long, but it can be summed up simply: The issues of KanCare and IDD services were among the most strongly debated and contested items of the 2012 and 2013 sessions, but on Saturday night, in the closing hours of the 2013 legislative session, we did not prevail.  Unless the Governor and the Administration for some reason change their direction, the IDD system will become a part of the KanCare managed care program effective January 1, 2014.

Advocacy among persons-served, their families, and their community service providers was tireless and courageous, and for nearly 17 months IDD advocates held off the managed care carve-in advocates, the Administration, the insurance industry, the elected leaders of both houses, the chairs of both budget committees and so on.

Up until the last half of the last day of the session, the outcome was in doubt, but in the end, the Administration’s influence outlasted the exhausted Legislature, and our supporters in the Legislature could not prevent the passage of the final budget bill of the session – the conference committee report on SB 171 – which did NOT include the carve- out of IDD services from KanCare.

In a vote later Saturday night, which was somewhat anticlimactic, the Senate also adopted the report.

Much credit is owed to those legislators who stuck with us in both houses and in both parties.  Special thanks to Representatives Becker, Henry, Lusk, Rubin and Ward.  Thank you also to those who provided powerful commentary on the House floor such as Representatives Ballard, Bideau, Hibbard, Rubin and Ward.

And much credit is owed to all of you who made tireless efforts to voice your concerns to educate your elected leaders and to advocate with great heart and tenacity on behalf of Kansans with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

There, of course, is still much work to be done.  We know we can rely on powerful advocates like to you to continue all efforts to support Kansans with I/DD in leading indpendent and fulfilling lives.


  1. I hope you will continue to post updates and notices so I can keep active and informed. You have helped me very much know where to focus my efforts. I'd also like to say that Barbara Bollier took our side and stuck with us and she deserves our thanks. I am afraid of what the change to managed care will mean for our children but at the very least we can be vocal when needed and when appropriate. Thank you!

  2. It will take generations to recover from the damage done to the State of Kansas by this Legislature and Brownback.