Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't be bullied for speaking out!

The House Appropriations Committee, on a motion by Representative Dave Crum of Augusta, inserted a proviso into the House's budget bill that would take away any new waiting list dollars for Kansans with developmental disabilities if I/DD long-term care services were 'carved out' of KanCare.

This action is naked in its attempt to intimidate and bully the tens of thousands of Kansans who have urged their legislators to exclude these vital long-term care services from KanCare. It is also cruel punishment for hundreds of Kansans with developmental disabilities who have been forced to wait for years on waiting lists.

Don't be bullied! Let your legislators know that you still oppose inclusion of I/DD long-term care services within KanCare, and that you also oppose the attempt by a small number of legislators to punish hundreds of Kansans with I/DD who have waited for help.

Send a message to your legislators today!

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