Thursday, January 19, 2012

Senate Ways & Means Hearing Today

Managed care was one of many topics for the Senate Ways and Means Committee this afternoon.  The managed care portion of the hearing involved a report from the Kansas Legislative Research Department regarding "Payments to Providers of Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities".  InterHab members may access the report on the members-only "Resources" page at

Following the report a variety of spokespersons ranging from Amy Deckard, Asst. Dir. for Information Management, to Secretary of Aging, Sean Sullivan and Secretary of Kansas Department of Health & Environment stood for questions from the Committee.

Senator Kultula began with questions regarding how the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and Community Developmental Disability Organizations (CDDOs) would work together - wondering if monetary differences could occur between different MCOs and CDDOs.  Secretary Sullivan indicated that all CDDOs will negotiate with all MCOs and there could indeed be monetary differences.

Senator Schodorf conveyed concerns from parents and family members of persons with DD, expressing their concern to maintain the same level of service.  Secretary Sullivan indicated that the Request for Proposals (RFP) indicates that MCOs cannot cut services to the consumers.

Senator Kelly questions where or how the savings from managed care would be obtained and wanted to know how managed care would address the waiting list*.  Secretary Mosier indicated that improving coordination of care in multiple populations will lead to cost savings and that waiting lists will be addressed by creating employment opportunities for those with disabilities.

Finally, Senator Francisco shared concerns for families who will be asked to make an educated decision regarding which insurance plan to choose.  She emphasized the awkwardness of this request, given the Administration's assurances that all services received will stay the same.

The managed care discussion was limited due to time constraints.  Chairperson Senator McGinn indicated the committee will schedule more time for further discussion of this issue.

*currently more than 4,800 children and adults with developmental disabilities are waiting for services in Kansas.

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