Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Bold! Sign the End the Wait Kansas Pledge

Developmental disabilities do not discriminate and they impact every corner of our state, yet right now individuals with disabilities and their families can wait over five years or more for essential services.

While the legislature looks the other way, Kansans with developmental disabilities are being left behind.  The 'End the Wait' campaign has identified over 4,800 Kansans with developmental disabilities waiting for life-sustaining services.  The wait is too long for too many Kansans, and it is time for Kansans to come together and keep our commitment to citizens of all abilities.

Join our partners at the "End the Wait" campaign and take the End the Wait Kansas Pledge:

"I pledge to join the cause to tell the Legislature and the Governor to make support for vital community-based services a priority.  I pledge to spread the word that as Kansans, we take care of our fellow Kansans."

Click below to sign the End the Wait Kansas Pledge and share your story!

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