Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Advocacy Needed on Medicaid

ANCOR is calling on all its members to urge people to advocate ate the Federal level regarding Medicaid.  Below is a message from ANCOR, along with a link you can use to communicate with your congressional representatives.

Our Silence is Hurting Us - Speak Up Before It’s Too Late
Federal Medicaid funding is on the chopping block. The silence -- about the devastating effect these cuts will have on supports and services for individuals with disabilities -- is deafening.
Have you sent a message to your members of Congress and the President? Have you introduced individuals you support and Direct Support Professionals to them? Have you urged your staff, persons served, family members and community allies to also contact Congress and the President? We need every voice to speak out against Medicaid cuts. The White House has said they’re not hearing much dissent. Let them hear you now. (Send your message to the White House)

Here’s what ANCOR is doing to defend the Medicaid funding that is so vital to our members and the individuals they serve:
  • ANCOR is taking a lead on a national level, working with other organizations to send a message to federal officials. But it’s not enough. You need to take action. We can’t just say we have broad support, we need to show it by getting as many people as possible to contact their elected officials.
  • ANCOR is meeting with White House officials and members of Congress. Have you invited them or their staff to your organization? Have you made an appointment to talk to district and state staff? Have you called their Washington D.C. offices?
Congress and the President can’t hear you if you don’t speak out about the lives of the individuals you support, the lifeline Medicaid funding provides to over one quarter of individuals with disabilities, and the jobs your organization provides in your community.

Call. Write. Meet. Speak.

Take Action
Click on the Take Action button and send the message at the bottom of the alert to your Members of Congress. You MUST personalize the letter. There are several spots where you need to add personal information. These letters are only worth as much effort as you put into them.  Again, please share this link with your staff, persons served, family members, volunteers, donors, and other allies. We need to demonstrate broad support for defending Medicaid funding.

Don't forget the White House--send a message now!
If you prefer to make phone calls click here for more information.

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